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Together, we build successful and meaningful projects that aim to make a social, environmental and economic impact for the Humankind and the Nature.

The analysis of the project is carried out following a specific methodology, conceived for positive-impact projects, in order to interconnect existing internal and external ideas. 

A contextual study of the existing initiatives, the published reports by specialised bodies and any other information (initiatives, policies, standards, consumer behaviour, etc.) that can bring added-value to the project is also carried out.

The development of a lobbying and advocacy strategy will allow you to bring your project to another level. There are many reasons, to name just a few: to raise awareness, to promote it, to obtain funding, to build new partnerships for further growth… 

Advocacy is the most powerful strategy among the existing lobbying actions. It is all about sharing the right message, at the good moment, with the qualified people

For you, we identify the stakeholders, we accompany you in drafting the Concept-Note that will make the difference and we analyse the best timing to start the action.

We carry out a study of the regulatory framework of the European financial instruments that the European and national Managing Authorities can use to co-finance projects.

The budgetary lines and programmes that best suit the project are also identified and an analysis of how the different sub-projects can be included in each line is carried out in order to optimise the negociations with the Managing Authorities.

Each project is connected with a constantly evolving regulatory framework. 

Firstly, the consistency of the actions already carried out with the orientation of European policies and programmes is being assessed. 

Secondly, a regulatory watch relevant to your sector of activity is carried out in order to monitor developments and ensure that your interests are met in the long term.