Building together Social Economy projects
in the EU and abroad

8 Billion Solutions
for a collective action and global inclusion of all actors to build the world of tomorrow. 

We deeply believe all meaningful projects that bring us further come from the collaborations and the work on the ground. 

This is why we imagined 8 Billion Solutions: to accompany all engaged actors and stakeholders in their positive-impact projects that make a difference in the Social Economy, the Green Transitions, the Sustainable Development Goals.

Projects where citizens, civil society, private stakeholders and public authorities come together to identify their challenges and the means to respond to each of them.

8 billion brains working jointly to find practical solutions that answer concrete needs.

8 billion people empowered to move forward and to build bridges for a better tomorrow.

Turn your actions into social, environmental and economic impact

EU Project Funding

Identification of EU public funding opportunities
Preparation and follow-up of financial dossiers

National Project Funding

Identification of national and regional funding opportunities
Preparation and follow-up of financial dossiers

EU Lobbying & Advocacy

Campaign-planning to support all social, environmental and economic change
Strategies of positive influence on policies and decision-making processes

EU Legal & Regulatory Compliance

Monitoring the evolution of the existing EU legislation
Adaptation actions to comply with the legislative framework

Project Evaluation & Analysis

Audit and analysis of the existing projects
Identification and implementation of new projects

Corporate Social Responsibility

Health and safety at work
Team cohesion and role identification

About us

Sébastien Blanchard

Regulatory Affairs, Lobbying & Advocacy, EU Funding

Ilinca Dumitru-Blanchard

EU Funding, Project Analysis, Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Values

Social and Environmental Justice

Programmes, fundings and networks must be leveraged to achieve equity at all levels, everywhere and at each occasion.

People and the Planet

Projects and solutions put in place must answer to people's needs and those of the regions they belong to in order to create resilients societies and ecosystems.

Sustainable Growth

Progress must be conceived to attain the Sustainable Development Goals and the UN 2030 Agenda and to empower all stakeholders, from citizens to public and private organisations.

Social and Environmental Inclusion

Leaving no one behind involves developping social and environmental innovation that answers the reality of the territories, may them be small, isolated or under-developped.


Answering to the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs and bringing together People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnerships.

We support them

Movement Impact France (ex-Mouves)

The Movement unites and mobilises engaged entrepreneurs and businesses in the social and environmental transition.

They trust us