Meet the team

We are passionate engaged independent consultants working to accompany like-minded structures to grow their meaningful projects.

Ilinca Dumitru-Blanchard

Social Economy, Sustainable Development and EU Funding
European Commission Expert on Social Economy and Social Economy Canvas

During my career as a civil servant at the European Institutions in Brussels in the Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion policies, I dealt with a broad range of issues such as European funding, health equity, poverty and social exclusion, impactful leadership and governance, youth challenges, under-represented minorities, vulnerable groups, ageing-related issues. This experience allowed me to analyse up close the many challenges society, businesses and entrepreneurs were facing, along with the continuously growing changes in today’s world.

Today, I put my passion, knowledge and insights into action through a mix of policy analysis, EU funding and business knowledge to accompany stakeholders in the Social Economy and Sustainable Development sector.


Sébastien Blanchard

Regulatory Affairs, Advocacy and EU Funding

Thanks to the different job positions I had in the « Brussels-Bubble », from the French Bar Association, passing through the European Parliament, and getting to the Social Partners such as CEC European Managers, I understood the importance of delivering the good message, to the good contact point, at the good moment. This is even more true when it comes to transversal issues, such as Sustainable Development initiatives that often merge social, environmental and economic impact.

This is why I chose to accompany public and private stakeholders in their Advocacy and Regulatory efforts and to create meaningful and strong bridges in the framework of their development actions, such as the EU Funding Schemes.

Christèle Allaud

Regional & Environmental Policies and EU Funding
European Commission LIFE4BEST and BEST 2.0 Focal Point for the Caribbean Region

My experience of over 25 years in EU affairs brought me close to the challenges and realities of the EU’s Overseas Regions and beyond: French overseas departments and territories, the OHADA zone, French Polynesia, the OCTs and the Caribbeans through growth strategies, including the search for funding within the framework of environmental and regional policy.

Through my activity, I wish to bring the European funding programmes closer to these regions and to encourage public and private operators to become better acquainted with the tools made available by the European institutions at their service. I believe it is essential to improve the competitiveness of public and private operators in European regions in difficulty and in developing countries.