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Passionate engaged independent consultants working to accompany like-minded structures to grow and transform their meaningful projects.

Sébastien Blanchard

Regulatory Affairs, Lobbying & Advocacy, EU Funding

Thanks to the different job positions I had in the « Brussels-Bubble », from the French Bar Association, passing through the European Parliament, and getting to the Social Partners such as CEC European Managers, I understood the importance of delivering the good message, to the good contact point, at the good moment. This is even more true when it comes to transversal issues, such as Sustainable Development initiatives that often merge social, environmental and economic impact.

This is why I chose to accompany public and private stakeholders in their Advocacy and Regulatory efforts and to create meaningful and strong bridges in the framework of their development actions, such as the EU Funding Schemes.

Ilinca Dumitru-Blanchard

EU Funding, Project Analysis, Corporate Social Responsibility

My  experience as a EU civil servant and project manager at the European Commission and European Parliament in Brussels in the field of social affairs, health and wellbeing policies allowed me to gain valuable expertise in corporate social responsibility, business and project strategy, policy analysis and evaluation, growth and funding projects.

Through my work, I accompany organisations and businesses create positive sustainable transformation through engaging social change projects, in particular in the area of health and wellbeing.